Edward Azar, along with his highly skilled and attentive staff of paralegals and assistants, provide outstanding representation and attentiveness to your real estate transaction. Whether it’s your first home, last home, investment in commercial property, it is typically the largest investment of your life.

If you are planning to buy or sell real estate, you should have us perform these tasks:

  • Explain the terms of the purchase agreement. This is a contract.
  • Protect and advise you concerning possible hidden issues with the property.
  • Review all documents that relate to title, mortgage, and taxes.
  • File all proper documents concerning your transaction.
  • Show up at closing to go over all documents and answer your questions.
  • When finished, we make sure that you own your property.
  • If you are selling, we will go over your purchase and sale agreement terms documents with you.
  • If issues arise in the transaction, we will address and work to resolve those issues.
  • We will represent you from beginning to end.

We can guide you through each and every aspect of the transaction, providing you with advice of counsel to conclude your exciting journey.