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No two divorces are alike. Every marital breakup has unique legal, financial, and/or parenting issues that require resolution strategies. But every divorce undergoes the same general journey and the destination is always the same: from shared to separate lives. The divorce process is complicated and it can be an emotional rollercoaster. It is a wrenching experience and can upset your lifestyle in profound ways. It can also damage your children’s psychological growth if you and your spouse do not consider their well being and act in a way that supports an amicable resolution.

In over 40 years of practicing Law, Edward P. Azar has handled hundreds of divorces    from simple uncontested matters to extremely complicated divorces including custody and support issues. Ed has also been appointed by the Court to act as a chairman for one of the Early Settlement Panels in Passaic County, providing assistance to attorneys and spouses in bringing closure to their divorce. In divorce proceedings and all related family matters, there is no substitute in experience, confidence, and a reasonable approach in bringing your family matter to a resolution.

Our office makes a commitment to each and every client to represent them aggressively, zealously, and with determination to an appropriate and fair result.

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The vast majority of matrimonial cases are settled rather than be resolved by trial. A resolution, by settlement or trial, must include all support, custody, parenting time and equitable distribution of marital and non-marital assets.

Located in Newfoundland, New Jersey, our law firm strives to be there for each client throughout these difficult times. We believe that by being responsive to the needs and questions of our clients through timely feedback, we can keep these cases moving toward a positive resolution.